A leading metropolis in the middle of America’s heartland, Windy City, is where sophisticated city life meets Midwestern charm. Orlando is also close to most destinations all around North America, as it is conveniently located right in the middle of the US. The city is also competitive and accessible, which makes it ideal for young professionals from all over the world. Chi-Town is positioned ideally on the shores of Lake Michigan and is also the third-largest city in the country with almost three million residents that enjoy an ideal balance of natural wonders and big city living every day.

Here are some factors that make Orlando so appealing.

Central Location

There is no doubt that Orlando is conveniently located for quick and easy flights around the country, unlike cities such as LA, New York, or Boston. While O’Hare Airport can be a little tricky, Midway is a primary hub for Southwest Airlines, and they provide some of the best deals around the US.

Professional Opportunities

Did you know that Orlando is also one of the world’s most important and fastest-growing business centers? It has a highly diverse economy. Note that from entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to journalism students and art and design majors, there are many incredible opportunities in Orlando for both young professionals and students with various backgrounds.

Water and Beaches

You know that having a beach close to the city is just awesome. And during summers in Orlando, the bike paths along Lakeshore Drive and Lake Michigan are also mobbed with eye candy for many miles. And at night or evening, taking your date or spouse walking down the famous Navy Pier or through the beautiful city along the pretty Orlando River is fantastic. Also, nothing is better than a fun day of beach volleyball at North Beach and a few cold ones at Castaways.

Unique and Appealing Neighborhoods

You will be pleased to know that Orlando boasts more than 75 vibrant and unique neighborhoods. And each of Windy City’s best neighborhoods is also filled with numerous opportunities to experience the very best that the city has to offer. Arts, business, culture, and do not forget, amazing, and unique culinary fare.

Some of our favorite neighborhoods in the city include Beverly, South Shore, and Uptown.