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Halloween is just around the corner, and Orlando’s Universal Studios has the best Halloween night planned out for you. The city’s Halloween Horror Night is a popular and fun event hosted at Universal Studios.

For the past 30 years, this event has been the perfect getaway for all Halloween lovers with some themed spooky scare zones and top-notch production incorporating movie themes such as “The Purge,” “Friday the 13th, and many more.

The best part is that it’s a 2-month long event that begins on September 3rd and lasts until October 31st. For more event details and how to buy tickets, read further below.

How to Buy Tickets

There are different ticketing options for Halloween Horror Night. You could opt for single-night tickets, which you can buy online, and save up to $54. The starting price of the single-night ticket starts from $70.99 + tax.

If you want to experience the real deal this Halloween at the Orlando resort, you can opt for the premier pass holder offer. This offer includes one Halloween horror night pass, with a premier annual pass included. With this ticket, you get to experience all the exclusives, such as free valet and parking, a few free rides, and discounts on certain foods. What more could you possibly want with this pass?

You also get a hotel and ticket package for a family of 4. This package comes with 4-night hotel accommodation, early parking admission at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and access to certain live entertainment venues. The best part is that this offer is for $149/night, so you save $50 on a bundle. This package has limited availability, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible.

Things You Get to Experience at Halloween Horror Night

If you’ve gotten to experience the Halloween Horror Night at Orlando Resort, here’s why you’re missing out:

A Variety of Spooky Rides

Sitting on a spooky ride is probably one of the main reasons why so many people attend the event without fail. From some of the most famous rides to the best-haunted houses, there’s non-stop fun to be had at the Halloween Horror Night. Known for their haunted houses, you will soon come to know some of the new installations at the event. Until now, there has been news about the Beetlejuice haunted house, which is sure to give the chills.

Features of the Beetlejuice Haunted house

If you want a terrifying experience featuring the iconic Halloween character, then this haunted house should be on the top of your list. Here, you get to be a part of the infamous dinner party, witnessing one of the most chaotic weddings. Beetlejuice will chase you through the checkerboard hallways, eventually leaving you to face the Lost Souls Room. You’ll definitely need to prepare yourself for the scariest night of your life at this haunted house.

Shop Halloween Themed Outfits

If you’re attending a Halloween Horror Night, you’ll want to dress appropriately, but if you’re still not sure what to wear, don’t worry. You can stop by the themed Halloween night’s tribute store. If you want to prepare beforehand, you can check out the online store for themed merchandise that includes plenty of amazing spooky options.

Munch on Halloween Themed Eateries

If you’re spending the whole day screaming and running, you’ll need a break. You can take a break by dining at some of the best places at Orlando Resort serving food and drinks. The food and beverage outlets are another part of a fantastic experience at the Halloween horror night, especially when it’s served spookily.

The Famous Scare Zones

While the scare zones have yet to be announced, you will get to be a part of some of the scariest spook zones where you will definitely lose your mind. These scare zones are a great way to ensure the perfect Halloween experience.

Get to be a part of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows.

The Orlando universal studios are known for incorporating different themes and movies into their rides, entrainment, and even food. You can relive your favorite horror movie or TV show at the Halloween horror night and vibe with your favorite characters. It’s more like a real-life horror movie binge. The only exception is that this time, you won’t be sitting on your couch- you’ll actually be living it.


No Halloween lover would want to miss out on this event. If you’re in Orlando, you’ve got to experience this, and the best part is that it lasts almost two months. Hence, there’s plenty of time to explore all the attractions and installations. Spending Halloween at some of Orlando’s most entertaining spots is a fantastic way to make some spooky memories.