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Whether you are looking to raise a family or want to invest and make some money through short-term rent, there are many friendly and safe neighborhoods in Orlando that you will like. When finding the right apartment or home, location is everything. This is especially true for young professionals in Orlando.

You will be happy to know that the Orlando area is quite rich in eclectic and impressive neighborhoods. This Central Florida city does not only have some of the most pleasant year-round weather, but it is also one of the finest US cities for jobs.

If you are planning to move to Orlando, FL, but are not sure about which neighborhood you should pick, check out this list of the best Orlando has to offer.

Top Neighborhoods in Orlando

Some of our favorite neighborhoods in Orlando include Rose Isle, Downtown Orlando, and Kissimmee.

Rose Isle

Rose Isle is an excellent single-family community in Orlando that offers you an assortment of unique and beautiful styles and varying sizes to choose from. Rose Isle is an eclectic and charming neighborhood and is close to the famous Orlando Museum of Art. Did you know that Rose Isle was established in the early 1950s and is still a very desirable and safe place to call home?

To get around, tourists and locals often bike, walk or even ride in electric vehicles. You will be happy to know that the neighborhood is full of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Are you looking for a place with an urban feel? If so, this is undoubtedly the spot for you. Also, note that Rose Isle is about ten minutes away from Downtown. It is also surrounded by three gorgeous lakes that you may take a dip in whenever you have to cool off.


Downtown Orlando is located in the heart of Orlando and is the ideal place for young professionals. You will be happy to know that the aptly named Downtown area is not just home to Orlando’s largest concentration of restaurants, shops, and high rises, but it features an excellent collection of apartments you can choose from.

You can stroll through the Downtown Orlando area on the weekend, and you will see many happy-go-lucky revelers zipping down the sidewalk on modern electric scooters or spilling out from their favorite watering hole.

The metropolitan area is lined with gorgeous and imposing business high-rises that engulf the entire city and is a prosperous and pleasant business district, perfect for people who like to work, live, and play.

Did you know that Downtown Orlando has also evolved into a major cultural hub? Note that one of the key pinnacles of this highly culture-driven shift is the famous Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. It is a state-of-the-art venue that showcases everything from comedy acts, and Broadway shows to live musical acts and lively performances by the Orlando Ballet.

Keep in mind that other initiatives, such as Orlando’s Wall Crawl, and Creative City Project’s Immerse, have certainly reinvigorated the city’s art scene too.


You should know that Kissimmee is located in Orlando’s Osceola County. Did you know that Brazilians like this neighborhood and buy vacation homes here? As it’s quite close to Disney parks, homes and properties in Kissimmee are extremely popular with tourists looking for vacation rentals.

Kissimmee is an excellent neighborhood and features a historic Ferris wheel at a popular theme park ideal to take your spouse or significant other on.

With several local schools, beautiful weather, fun amusement parks, and local eateries, you will never get bored! You will find many fantastic rental options here at reasonable prices if you are thinking about relocating.

Lush landscapes in Kissimmee create the perfect backdrop for many outdoor adventures and activities. Whether it is gliding seamlessly across the headwaters of the Everglades or zipping through treetops, there will surely be a thrill for you in this neighborhood.

This is why buying a home in Kissimmee is an excellent investment for anybody, especially those looking for a cozy vacation home.