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Enjoy A family-oriented event that involves dining and exploring at the Epcot Walt Disney World presented by CORKCIRCLE.

From the 15th of July to the 20th of November, 2021, you will experience unique cuisines along with living entertainment. The event will also include activities that you will cherish forever.

This is one event that no one in Orlando should miss out on. You can learn more about this event below.

Things to Do at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

The Epcot food and wine festival at The Walt Disney World holds a plethora of unique experiences. Here’s what’s in store for you there:

Live Entertainment

The Princess Promenade is every girl’s dream to witness. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences, which will make them feel like a princess. This way, you and your child can wave at your favorite Disney princess riding in a horse-drawn carriage.

Other than the Princess Promenade, you have the Jammin Chef, the musical that takes place inside a kitchen. The America Garden Bandstand is a series of live concerts that will perform at the festival. You will see many local bands from Florida perform there while you sip on your favorite glass of wine.

Taste Six Continents in One Place

Since it’s a food and wine festival, Epcot goes all out with the variety of foods that they offer at the festival. From African, French, and Greek cuisine to Japanese and Irish cuisine, there is certainly something for everyone. There are also many market places you can head to at the festival representing specific cultures. Let your taste buds ride through different cuisines from different parts of the world at the Epcot festival.

Entertainment for All Ages

The Epcot Food and wine festival offers various activities for all ages. Therefore, families can have a good time together, without anyone feeling left out. You get to experience the famous “Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak Scavenger Hunt.” You have to hunt around the festival, locating hidden statues of Remy.

Another all-age inclusive activity is the “Emile’s Formage Montage,” where the whole family can sample different cheeses and collect stamps to win exciting prizes. These activities really help you bond with your family while having the time of your life.

Shop till You Drop!

Yes, you can totally shop at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. You will come across many shops for home décor, merchandise, collectibles, and much more. You will also find a Beauty and the Beast-inspired collection store that features a themed dinner party.

Safety Measures

The Walt Disney World Resort has set some strict safety measures that you have to follow at all costs. To make this festival fun for yourself and others around you, you must abide by COVID-19 guidelines. You will have to socially distance, wear a mask, and have to be vaccinated.

You must also continue to wear masks and engage in basic sanitization. The fight against COVID is still a long way from over, and to maintain the improvement, visitors will have to be careful. All visitors will have to follow social distancing guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.

Things to Note

  • If you want to enter a park, you will need a valid admission and park reservation. Make sure everyone entering is above 3.
  • There may be certain parks and hotels unavailable or limited in capacity, and park admissions aren’t always guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

A family experience in Orlando at the Epcot international wine and dine festival is what you need to experience. Make sure you go through the Walt Disney World website and follow all the booking details. You will surely have the time of your life here, making it a start to the perfect summer in Orlando, FL.